Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few things

So not much has been happening in MLP toy land these last few weeks. There is a new(ish) wave of blind bags up on Ebay: via: Flutterwonder13 on the Arena and MLPG4Merch on Tumblr. Megablok Mlp look alikes via: Gabumon on the Arena. And new book rumors with a maybe possibility of sea ponies - at least in book form. Via: Ravenfeather on the Arena. Here is the original book link. Here is MlpG4Merch's post about it.

I really hope we get some new brushables soon!

Here's the supposed blind bag names via:

Lilac Links, Apple Fritter, Apple Stars, Banana Bliss, Banana Fluff, Barber Groomsby, Berry Dreams, Caramel Apple, Cherry Fizzy, Cherry Pie, Holly Dash, Lily Valley, Lucky Clover, Misty Fly, Soarin, Spitfire, and Sweetie Drops.

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